Chinese Folktales

Chinese Folktales

Originally Published as Chinesische Märchen (Chinese Fairy Tales) Translated into German by Richard Wilhelm, 1958.

This English Selection Translated from the German by Ewald Osers, and Published by G. Bell & Sons Ltd., 1971.

Silkworm Grandmother

Empress Leizu discovered silkworms while having a midday tea, and a cocoon fell in her tea.

One day when empress Leizu was taking a stroll in the royal garden with the Yellow Emperor, she found silkworms eating the mulberry leaves and spinning cocoons. She collected some cocoons, then sat down to have some tea. While she was sipping a cup, she dropped a cocoon into the steaming water. The heat unwrapped the silk, a fine thread started to separate itself from the silkworm cocoon silk until it stretched across her entire garden. Leizu found that she could unwind this soft and lovely thread around her finger.

She then persuaded her husband to give her a grove of mulberry trees, where she could domesticate the worms that made these cocoons. She then invented the silk reel, which joins fine filaments into a thread strong enough for weaving. She also invented the first silk loom which weaves silk thread into fine cloth.

Leizu then shared her discoveries with others, and the knowledge became widespread in China. People remembered her as ‘Silkworm Mother’ or ‘Can Nainai’ till today.

The return of Second Sun


Planet X

Many people are talking about the returns of the Second Sun, or so called the planet X. In ancient Chinese books, many records of two or more suns appeared on the sky, the story Divine Archer Yi shot off Ten Sun might be not just a fanatic myth.


Many people are talking about the returns of the Second Sun, in this youtube vedio, the photographer recorded this remarkable video of the second Sun (Planet X) taken on April 21, 2009 in Chkalovsky, Russia.
In Ancient Chinese myths, we had once ten suns instead of one. The suns were the sons of Emperor Di Jun, the God of the Eastern Sky. One day tens suns appeared on the sky together and scorched the earth, great drought after the water evaporated of the earth surface, vegetations became dried out, people hid in the cave. The great divine Archer Yi shot off nine suns, and the earth returned to normal.
There are many records in the ancient Chinese books, most of these are records of two sun appeared together, in some occasions, more than two suns, even as many as 10 suns; Other strange phenomenons like one sun appears at night, or two suns clashing each other, one big and one small.
Below are quotations from Chinese Classics and history annals, with a brief translation, to keep the original text for the purpose of authenticity, and waiting further research of Chinese historians and astronomers.
Year 1914 BC, Ten suns appeared together. This strange phenomenon also recorded in another book, Bamboo Annals.
Year 1042 BC, the 48th year of Emperor Xin of Yin (the notorious tyrant king Zhou) dynasty, two sun appeared together. 4 years later, the Martial King of Zhou began the punitive expedition against Yin.
Year 139 BC, the fourth month, a sun-like star appeared in the evening.
the first month of the fifth Year, three suns appeared on the sky.
Year 318, eleventh month, the sun rise up during the night, 3 Zhangs above the horizon.
Year 520, sun appeared on the eastern sky in the night, as bright as fire.
In year 809, the third month, beside sun appeared an object looks like a sun.
Yuan dynasty, year 1356, the third month, two sun clashing each other.
Year 1594, in the area of Jijiang, another sun under the sun, clashing many days then stopped.
Year 1621, in the area of Liao Yang, several suns appeared together.
The latest recorded in Qing dynasty, year 1651, at round 23PM-1AM, red sun appeared in the eastern sky, as big as Hu (a measure tool), at the midnight, the moon rose, then the sun disappeared.
A Chinese saying, No two suns on the sky, no two emperors on the earth, this might be wrong, and the return of the second sun, even the third, unto ten suns, the tens sun appeared on the sky might be not just a fantasy myth.

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